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Norbert J., 20th-century Australian pathologist. See: Ryan stain.
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Behind her was a middle-aged man whose position in the household no one was quite sure about - a clean-shaven man whose name was Ryan, and who might very well have been once an actor or a clergyman..
"Since Ryan is right-handed, it literally took him countless months to get back the strength, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination that he had before his accident.
Ryan Bowen, 18, fell from the Coedcae Road footbridge passing over the A484 between Llanelli and Trostre on Thursday evening.
Ryan Seacrest has yet another job to add to his resume.
Ryan said today at a press conference that he decided to cancel the vote on the Affordable Care Act change bill because he did not believe he had enough support to pass it.
House Speaker Paul Ryan House on Friday pulled H.R.
Ryan Dobinson, 21, from Ponteland, is aiming to follow Great Britain's Rio success by bringing home medals and perhaps a new world record from the event.
Ryan's grandmother has shared her anguish, writing on Facebook that he should have started high school this week.
AS these amazing pictures show, soap pin-up Ryan Thomas is celebrating a double transformation in his life after quitting Corrie.
Tim Ryan, Yoknapatawpha Blues: Faulkner's Fiction and Southern Roots Music.