Ruta graveolens

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A perennial herb which contains alkaloids (arborinine), coumarins (bergapten, psoralen, xanthotoxin), and volatile oil with methylnonylketone, cineol, limonene and others.
Chinese medicine
In the Chinese pharmacopeia, rue is used primarily for snake and insect bites.
Herbal medicine
In Western herbal medicine, rue is antispasmodic, emmenagogue and vermifuge; it has been used for arrhythmias, intestinal colic, eyestrain, gout, musculoskeletal trauma, rheumatic pain, stress-related headaches, varicose veins and to evoke menses.
Cutaneous photosensitivity; rue should not be used in pregnancy.
See Ruta grav.
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I feel sure that Shakespeare would have said, "And so with your garden!" Specifically select the plants that appeal to you, and then divide or intersperse them using roses, boxwoods, or other dividing plants appropriate to a Shakespeare Knot Garden, such as the Lavender munstead (Lavendula angustifolia "Munstead") and Blue Beauty rue (Ruta graveolens "Blue Beauty.")
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Other plants, such as giant hogweed (heracleum mantegazzianum) and garden rue (ruta graveolens), cause a phototoxic reaction.
Ruta graveolens is the most common remedy for injuries to the knee and elbow, and to traumas to the periosteum (the bone covering).