Rust, Johann N.

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Johann N., German surgeon, 1775-1840.
Rust disease - tuberculosis of the two upper cervical vertebrae and their articulations. Synonym(s): malum vertebrale suboccipitale; spondylarthrocace; spondylocace
Rust phenomenon - in cancer of the upper cervical vertebrae, the patient supports the head by the hands when changing from the recumbent to the sitting posture or the reverse.
Rust sign
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Denise Rust and Joshua Rust signed checks issued to Silver Pool investors knowing that these checks were Ponzi payments involving money contributed by other investors.
The first rust signs on leaves of control plants were observed at seven days after inoculation, which was about the same inoculation period reported by ANGELOTTI et al.
Rust signed as "Jerry Rust, Lane County Commissioner," which the newspaper's editorial board said conveyed the impression that his message carried the authority of the county board behind it.