Russian Roulette

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A potentially lethal game of chance in which participants place a single bullet in a revolver’s cylinder, spin it, place the muzzle against their head and pull the trigger
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Recompense for Fear: Is Forced Russian Roulette Just?
RISKY BUSINESS: Derren Brown plays Russian roulette (C4, 9pm)
One theory is that the thermal insulation technician had been playing Russian roulette with the gun, a 1931 Enfield service Gun: Lee Warr.
MINISTERS were told they were playing Russian roulette with people''s future by a Mersey MP in last night''s heated health debate.
There's little to the likes of Modern Day Delilah, Russian Roulette and Never Enough.
Mr Field, 17, suffered only superficial wounds, but Judge Peter Bowers likened the attack to "playing Russian roulette.
THE STORY: Katy (Mendes), the cynical new head of programming at US TV network ABN, comes up with a new show - live Russian Roulette featuring contestants killing themselves on air.
The Spanish make tapas with them and then play a sort of culinary Russian roulette, a game we are now being encouraged to enjoy.
Mrs Woods was keen to dispel rumours her son's death was as a result of a lethal game of Russian roulette.
Brown, the 'mind control expert' who caused controversy last year with his Russian Roulette stunt, set out to debunk the idea of seances.
Seance follows on from his just-finished series Trick of the Mind and previous high-profile TV special Russian Roulette.
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