Russian Roulette

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A potentially lethal game of chance in which participants place a single bullet in a revolver’s cylinder, spin it, place the muzzle against their head and pull the trigger
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A last problem is in the case where the Russian roulette game was played and the criminal died, let us say, for a holdup in a dark alley netting him $100.
PSYCHOLOGICAL illusionist Derren Brown performs his most dangerous feat yet - Russian roulette live.
"Drinking is teen America's fatal attraction....a deadly round of Russian roulette," claimed CASA's head honcho, Joseph A.
Salem's conscious attempt to supplement the story-line with tangential segues is of further interest as he provides descriptive detail about the origin of six-shooters, the history of Russian roulette, and the history behind both ASCAP and BMI.
When you are 59 years of age, a 10year phase-out period is a form of Russian roulette that most people are not willing to play.
Throwing them into the road so that cars can crush them is the molluscian answer to Russian roulette. But surely most survive.
Rather, in a "Dear Patsy" letter, the Senator wrote, "As for Mark, I wish he had not played Russian roulette with his sexual a have sympathy for him--and for you--but there is no escaping the reality of what happened."
Most people don't like to play Russian roulette, even if the odds of getting the bullet are only one in 200.
But it is like playing Russian ROulette with your nursing home.
Do you realize that you'll be playing Russian Roulette with only one empty chamber, instead of five.
It might not be game of Russian Roulette, but yesterday's announcement by Simon Coveney is just as reckless.
A MOTORIST whose overtaking before a serious head-on smash was described by a witness as playing "Russian roulette" with roulette" with R lives was jailed for ten months yesterday.
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