Russell viper

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Rus·sell vi·per

characteristically marked, highly venomous snake (Vipera russellii) of southeastern Asia. The venom is coagulant in action and is used locally in a 1:10,000 solution for the arrest of hemorrhage in hemophilia.


Patrick, Irish physician in India, 1727-1805.
Russell viper - characteristically marked, highly venomous snake of southeastern Asia. Synonym(s): daboia
Russell viper venom - used as a coagulant in the arrest of hemorrhage from accessible sites in hemophilia.
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High-phospholipid Russell viper venom reagents were correlated with rivaroxaban concentration but did not correlate better than chromogenic anti-Xa methods.
A, Correlation between Biophen (Aniara)-calibrated rivaroxaban levels and tandem liquid chromatography-mass spectrophotometry (LC-MS/MS) using 2 different high-phospholipid Russell viper venom confirmatory reagents: Precision Biologics method and Siemens LA2 method.
dRVVT, first described for the detection of LA in 1986 (26), is based on the activation of factor X by a fraction of the venom derived from the Russell viper in combination with dilute phospholipids.
The use of the dilute Russell viper venom time for the diagnosis of lupus anticoagulants.
Kaolin clotting time and dilute Russell viper venom time distinguish between prothromb-independent and beta 2-glycoprotein I-dependent anti phospholipid antibodies.
Heterogeneity of Russell viper venom affects the sensitivity of the dilute Russell viper venom time to lupus anticoagulants.
The importance of locally derived reference ranges and standardized calculation of dilute Russell viper venom time re sults in screening for lupus anticoagulant.
Reptiles expert, snake-catcher, and all-round Stereo MCs impersonator John O'Shea set off into the paddy fields of Sri Lanka, looking for Russell Vipers.
Russell Vipers kill more people in Asia than any other snake - hundreds in Sri Lanka alone.
It can be an important differentiating clinical feature between cobra and krait bite, rarely Russell viper bite may present with ptosis and cellulitis.