Russell, Alexander


Alexander, 20th century English pediatrician.
Russell syndrome - failure of infants and young children to thrive due to suprasellar lesions, commonly astrocytomas of the anterior third ventricle.
Russell-Silver dwarfism - Synonym(s): Silver-Russell syndrome
Silver-Russell dwarfism - Synonym(s): Silver-Russell syndrome
Silver-Russell syndrome - see under Silver
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The current President of Russell, Alexander Bozza, will remain and join the board of Vaupell.
THAT'S ART: Jack Morgan (above left) and Jordan Smith, both aged nine, check out the sculptures, while (inset, front row) pupils Darrock Snowdon, Aiden Henry, Amiee Baldwin, (back row) Kelly McColl, Stephen Russell, Alexander Moulton and Julia Conopo pose with one of the exhibits.
Russell, Alexander Payne, Allison Anders, Kevin Smith, Christine Vachon and John Pierson-to mull over some of these issues in this year's Forum and discovered, not unexpectedly (they are, after all, independents), that they disagree about most everything.