Russell's viper venom

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poison, especially a toxic substance normally secreted by a serpent, insect, or other animal.
Russell's viper venom the venom of Vipera russelli (Russell's viper), which acts in vitro as an intrinsic thromboplastin and is useful in defining deficiencies of coagulation factor X.
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The label claim of neutralization capacity of standard antivenom is that 1 ml of reconstituted antivenom neutralizes 0.6 mg of Russell's viper venom. The selection of dose of PLE and piperine administered in experimental animals was based on the safety data of these drugs obtained from toxicity studies conducted by us in our own previous study (Shenoy et al.
Russell's viper venom can also affect the pituitary gland, the small pea-sized organ involved in hormone production.
Most commonly, the dilute Russell's Viper Venom Time is used and the inhibitory effects of lupus anticoagulants are overcome by adding an excess of phospholipid to the assay.

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