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Delayed part of the angiographic examination of a vascular bed, to show small artery patency.
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Circuit court races that resulted in a runoff include:
Turnout for the runoffs was always expected to be low: Just 16 percent of the eligible voting population cast a ballot for the March 6 primaries, and typically half of the voters who cast a ballot in the primaries show up to a subsequent runoff.
The term "runoff" applies to water flow: "water from rain or snow that flows over the surface of the ground into streams," according to Merriam-Webster.
Replacing Low Turnout Runoffs: Aspen and San Francisco
Instant runoff voting (8) is an electoral reform gaining momentum in state legislatures (9) that aims to ensure majority rule.
With regard to the success of women, they also find that women are not disadvantaged by runoffs. Women who lead the first primary do as well in runoffs as men who lead the first primary.
For anyone who measures civic health by voter turnout, the turnout for the 2014 runoffs would have prompted a call for an ambulance: 5.5 percent turned out for the Republican primary runoff, while 1.5 percent turned out for the Democrats.
Daytona Beach attorney Sam Masters has won the runoff for a seat on the Bar Board of Governors representing the Seventh Circuit while Thomas R.
Every winning candidate in runoffs had a larger vote total and percentage than winners in 2000.
1989; Gray and deMonsabert 1983; Hailey and McGill 1983; Hjelmfelt 1980; Osborn and Renard 1983; and Ritter and Gardner 1991), it is a widely used and accepted technique for estimating runoff from precipitation.
Runoff of a watershed depends on rainfall intensity and typically it varies seasonally.
About $100 billion to $200 billion in reinsured reserves are in runoff. Due to the enormity of reinsurance capacity in runoff, it tends to resemble a Jekyl-and-Hyde scenario.