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Water that is drawn without distillation directly from the spigot which comes either from a well or a public water supply
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If you cut your finger, place it under cool running water or use an alcoholfree wipe to clear the wound.
Talking to media he added it was sheer injustices on the part of factories owners who pours all of waste in the running water due to which popular species of fish in the district vanished and the running water became injuries for cattle's' health and grains, foods, vegetables even agriculture land went barren due to rock contaminated water use for irrigation purposes.
Cook broccoli in plenty of salted boiling water for three minutes then refresh under plenty of cold running water.
Nicosia was left without running water on Friday after a problem emerged during scheduled repair work at the Tersefanou pipeline.
Safe running water remains out of reach for the residents of Las Pampas.
King David School, in Childwall, was forced to send pupils home because it had no running water.
The village has no running water and an unreliable electricity supply.
RUNNING water returned to hundreds of homes in the Rhondda last night after a burst pipe left households dry for three days.
Washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly with cool, briskly running water is the best way to reduce your risk of foodborne illness.
12 ( ANI ): An innovative scheme by an NGO to provide rural Indian communities with toilets and running water in every house has been given the first 'Global+5 award' in Geneva, USA.
Bulgarian regional center Lovech will be placed under a regime of daily schedulled stopping of running water due to a shortage following summer droughts.
I walked in and reached the entrance to a building, where I found a few people washing cars with running water.