Tap Water

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Water that is drawn without distillation directly from the spigot which comes either from a well or a public water supply
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From every hill slope came the trickle of running water, the music of unseen fountains.
It is said, too, that he can only pass running water at the slack or the flood of the tide.
It is a pretty thing to see how a child loves running water.
Of late I had often recalled this saying and this incident; for during the past week scarcely a night had gone over my couch that had not brought with it a dream of an infant, which I sometimes hushed in my arms, sometimes dandled on my knee, sometimes watched playing with daisies on a lawn, or again, dabbling its hands in running water.
It was never there that their angles were rubbed off and their rough surfaces polished, but in the strife and warfare of running waters.
In all the jungle, or above it, or upon the running waters, or the sleeping waters, or upon the big water, or the little water, there is none so great as Tarzan.
Photo feature ALGIERS, July 23 (KUNA) -- Waves of Algerians flock from various regions during the hot summer time to springs' locations, seeking to enjoy the cold running water and greenery of surrounding lush areas in the mountains.
Cook broccoli in plenty of salted boiling water for three minutes then refresh under plenty of cold running water.
Nicosia was left without running water on Friday after a problem emerged during scheduled repair work at the Tersefanou pipeline.
00000067 water supply; internal networks running water 2CO inv.
Safe running water remains out of reach for the residents of Las Pampas.
King David School, in Childwall, was forced to send pupils home because it had no running water.