running time

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run·ning time

the time during which an activity (for example, chromatography development) occurs.
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The newly introduced Hammer(R) S-Class and M-Class product families incorporate a patented, multi-core, custom-processor hardware assisted engine developed by Tharas for use in Verilog- and VHDL-based SoC and embedded system verification, delivering the fastest compile and run time speed-up, combined with ease-of-use and extensive debugging capabilities.
Dataram's memory solution containing four of its 8GB memory upgrades (DRHC8000/8GB), for a new aggregate system capacity of 32GB, reduced run time by approximately 94 hours.
In addition to displaying the event trace list, TRACE32 provides graphical views of thread run times and thread status information.
With a low quiescent current of 2 microamperes, the MCP1702 requires only a small amount of current to maintain regulation, thereby significantly extending battery run times.