running time

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run·ning time

the time during which an activity (for example, chromatography development) occurs.
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The Infravio X-Registry(TM) Platform provides SOA builders with visualization, design time, run time, and change governance across the lifecycle.
We are pleased to have the support of so many leading vendors in the SOA run time," said Jim Bole, vice president, product and professional services at Infravio.
ACCELLERANT drastically reduces application run times and transactions, in most cases by factors directly related to the number of CPUs applied.
ACCELLERANT for NONMEM responds to these challenges, allowing organizations to take full advantage of parallel and distributed computing for run time reduction and improved precision - without the need for costly and time-consuming application changes.
Because of the run time gap, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), battery manufacturers, and others have been intently focused on readying small form factor fuel cells to augment batteries in upcoming devices.