running time

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run·ning time

the time during which an activity (for example, chromatography development) occurs.
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The two batteries will give you about 50 hours of run time. If you're deployed in a desert environment, skip the alkaline batteries.
Shifting important segments of test control from the operator to the prover allows its "smarts" to electronically configure the entire meter-corrector-prover system for the fastest run time possible.
A digital timer controls run time or can he set for a "quick spin." The digital displays on the front panel show run time and speed in rpm, or the calculated g-force value.
"As portable devices play a more central role in our work environments, health care systems and field-service organizations, the run time performance, durability and reliability of battery systems will become critically more important, leaving absolutely no room for unpleasant surprises, problems and failures to occur during use," added Love.
SAVE RACK SPACE while extending UPS run time. The power-conditioned ON Series 2000 VA UPS models are built with a full-time, online isolating transformer, and also feature a comprehensive front-panel display to inform the user of UPS and battery conditions.