running time

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run·ning time

the time during which an activity (for example, chromatography development) occurs.
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Microbial counts--aerobic thermophilic spores, total aerobic plate counts--increased, and solubility also decreased with run times.
As portable devices play a more central role in our work environments, health care systems and field-service organizations, the run time performance, durability and reliability of battery systems will become critically more important, leaving absolutely no room for unpleasant surprises, problems and failures to occur during use," added Love.
We've seen astonishing results with the new Hyperscaling technology in Calibre nmDRC when combined with our high-performance AMD Opteron processor -- providing run time improvements up to 350%," said Ed Gasiorowski, Director of Global Verticals, AMD.
Calibre's fifth-generation data processing engine delivers best-in-class run time, and distributed processing enabling the use of low-cost Linux clusters.
Its innate application-based run-time fabric, designed to optimize each application independently at run time, preserves full algorithmic integrity and enables seamless adaptation without changes to its logic flow.
ACCELLERANT for NONMEM responds to these challenges, allowing organizations to take full advantage of parallel and distributed computing for run time reduction and improved precision - without the need for costly and time-consuming application changes.
They will offer essentially continuous run times as replacement cartridges or refills are easily carried in briefcase, pocket or purse.
With the growing trend toward more sophisticated power-hungry mobile devices, the short run time, the limited energy density, and the long recharging time of today's battery technology are of major concern to device manufacturers, as well as to consumers," said Sara Bradford, industry manager, power supplies and batteries group, at Frost & Sullivan.
Designers using the PS700 have the ability to achieve precise predictions of battery capacity and current operational conditions, which results in longer run time and better overall system-power management.