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Theodor, German physician, 1862-1923. See: Rumpel-Leede sign, Rumpel-Leede test, Rumpel-Leede phenomenon.
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Netminder Rumpel, 28, joined the Clan last summer from the ECHL's Utah Grizzlies and went on to play 71 games between the pipes, with a 90 per cent save percentage.
At 24:07, the Devils extended their lead courtesy of a great rush up the ice by Drew Scheistel that was finished off with a cannon that beat Rumpel to make it 3-0.
The only goal of the third period came from Charles Linglet after the puck was thrown at the net and somehow bounced off of him and past Rumpel for a goal making it 5-2 at 44:06.
and Rumpel, T.: 2003, Tide-influenced sedimentation in a rift basin--Cretaceous Qishn formation, Masila Block, Yemen: A billion barrel oil field.
Chabbi A, Kogel-Knabner I, Rumpel C (2009) Stabilised carbon in subsoil horizons is located in spatially distinct parts of the soil profile.
SCUBA-DIVING expert Susi Rumpel used to work in luxury holiday resorts in the Red Sea - now she trains oil rig workers how to survive in emergency situations.
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Vice President William Ruto [from Kenyatta's Jubilee Party] has said that will not happen," says Rebekka Rumpel, East Africa expert at Chatham House.
"An important lesson going forward is for observers to focus more on technology," says Rumpel. "Being in a polling station and seeing that everyone is lined up in an orderly fashion--clearly that's not so relevant anymore.
The specification of localization factors made Dunning (2002) (product, economy activity, region), Rumpel (2008) (capital), Grabow and Henckel (1995) (significant soft location factors), Grabow and Hollbach-Gromig (1995) (environmental quality), Wokoun (2008) (residential structure), Krugman and Obstfeld (2009) (limited resources of the region), Ponikelsky (2008) (politico-economic environment) and for example Simango (1993) (taxes) and Wasylenko (1991) (fiscal and monetary policy).