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Theodor, German physician, 1862-1923. See: Rumpel-Leede sign, Rumpel-Leede test, Rumpel-Leede phenomenon.
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Mastrolonardo G, Rumpel C, Forte C, Doerr SH, Certini G (2015) Abundance and composition of free and aggregate-occluded carbohydrates and lignin in two forest soils as affected by wildfires of different severity.
While campaign finance concerns have largely gone un- addressed and advancements in voting technology remain far from decisive, according to Rumpel, analysts believe that several factors point away from a repeat of the deadly aftermath of the 2007 vote, in which some 1,200 are thought to have died.
Coming off of the success of their band FDTF, childhood friends Daniel Rumpel and Johannes Herbst approached long-term fellow and vocalist Lucas Frendrich with the intention of creating a truly dark and cinematic sound.
This lovely visitor centre has been granted VAQAS status (Quality Assured Visitor Attraction) and is home to adopted horses Major, Rumpel, Dylan, The Oxhill Donkeys and dinky pony Wensley along with more than 50 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys who would just love to make your acquaintance.
Luciane Rumpel Segabinazzi, Luis Fernando Glasenapp de Menezes *, Carlos Eduardo Kruger da Silva, Clederson Martinello, Bruna Boito and Marcos Luis Molinete
2009), Karma (Tuchinda, Szekely, & Knoblock, 2008), CRUISe (Pietschmann, Voigt, Rumpel, & MeiBner, 2009), MashArt (Daniel, Casati, Benatallah, & Shan, 2009), y Mashlight (Baresi & Guinea, 2010), se centran en la creacion y el despliegue de servicios compuestos por medio de mashups.
Earlier in season two, a flashback revealed that a prophet warned Rumpel of Henry 6 and that the child could be his downfall.
George Rumpel, the mayor, had written an open letter to Berlinites outlining his position on the matter: "The water works plant will not be managed by the Council.
In total, she authored 19 books, including Pettranella and the entertaining Quincy Rumpel novels for middle grade readers.
Rumpelstiltskin tricks a mid-life crisis burdened Shrek into allowing himself to be erased from existence and cast in a dark alternate timeline where Rumpel rules supreme.