Rummel tourniquet

Rum·mel tour·ni·quet

a tourniquet fashioned by passing an umbilical tape around a vessel and bringing both ends through a short red rubber catheter. The tourniquet can be tightened and secured with a perpendicularly placed hemostat at the end of the catheter farthest from the vessel.
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Standard operative technique in our department involves the application of warm ischemia (WI), by using a 2 mm, 30 cm vessel loop, a 2 cm cylinder sheath prepared from a 16 Fr Levin tube, and a large Hem-o-Lok clip (Rummel Tourniquet technique) in order to occlude renal artery (Figure 2).
Caption: FIGURE 2: Intraoperative photo from the transperitoneal laparoscopic left PN demonstrating the occluded left renal artery using Rummel Tourniquet technique.