Rum Cherry

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A deciduous shrub, the bark of which contains coumarins, cyanogenic glycosides, prussic acid, tannins, and volatile oil; it is antitussive, and an ingredient of cough syrups
Toxicity The pits and leaves contain hydrocyanic acid—which metabolizes to cyanide, causing incoordination, imbalance, possibly death
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American cherry, American black cherry, cabinet cherry, cherrywood, rum cherry, whiskey cherry, wild cherry, choke cherry
BRB's Monica Zamora, a sultry "Sugar Rum Cherry" in Sweeties, also turns up, on loan to Birmingham Rep, as the Ballerina in The Snowman, while members of yet another Birmingham group, the chamber choir Ex Cathedra, provide the voices of carol singers.
In Donald Byrd's The Harlem Nutcracker, Clara is a grandmother and Drosselmeier a cartoon-scary figure of Death; the Sugar Plum Fairy is "Sugar Rum Cherry"; and the genteel Europeans of E.T.A.