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(rā-zhēm′, rĭ-)
A regulated system of diet, exercise, or medical treatment; a regimen.
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Q. I’ve been planning to start a fitness regime center for some time now. What’s the best way to chart it out? I am the breadwinner in my family. I did a business that was earning me substantially well. It was a fitness equipment selling business. My business met with a loss last year and now I’ve been planning to start a fitness regime center for some time now. What’s the best way to chart it out and keep track of what I’ve done? I should not meet with the same loss again. Already my family is upset with me. So please help!

A. daronstorm, i'm not sure your question is medical..if i understand correctly- you are trying to open up a business and wish it to go well. in that type of business the hard thing is to get clients and to keep them. getting them is a matter of publicity, location,prices etc. keeping them- i suggest giving a whole treatment. that means not just a gym, hire a nutritionist ,trainers, and maybe think about putting a sauna and a jacuzzi too. the nutritionist and the trainers will build a workout plan together for the clients and you'll need some managers to do a follow up on the clients. did they met their goals? if not- what is missing?

i hope it helped....

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They forced him to repeat the chants of the Sudanese rebels against the ruling regime!
The ruling regime will continue to torpedo the substantive negotiations in every way to maintain the status quo," Kaya mentioned.
These repressive measures by the ruling regime can't muzzle the genuine aspirations of neither resistance leaders nor the people,' he said.
Surprisingly, Egyptians have been enjoying this polarization, which empowers citizens affiliated to the ruling regime at the expense of their critics.
The plight lies in Tehran's ruling regime, which is subjected to the authority of religion clerics and military generals.
Turkey tried to show itself as the only power capable of defeating the Syrian ruling regime and stop Iranian Shiite intervention.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy Secretary General of Bahrain's Al-Wefaq group Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi lashed out at the ruling regime in the country over death sentences against six citizens, describing them as "sentences of defeat".
Fatah Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi said in an interview with the official PA TV on April 16: "The second protocol of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion says: Extremist [Islamic] religious streams must be created, as a complete contrast to the ruling regime [in Arab countries], regardless of which regime it is - be it national, Arab, secular, communist, or Marxist - so that the priorities of these regimes will change in a manner that fits the Zionists.
Sanctions from the international community are failing to destabilize North Korea's ruling regime and its nuclear program.
He said that Panama leaks have unveiled the real face of ruling regime. He was of the view that rulers in Pakistan has been plundering and safeguarding corruption since a long.
Compare that to the suffocating hole the ruling Islamic republic has sought to create in the historical memory of the nation, with a band of senior clerics systematically erasing the historical memory of a nation so that it has to choose between one faction of the ruling regime and another.
The idea of this party is to bring down the ruling regime in Macedonia.