Ruland, Cornelia M.

a nursing theorist who, with Shirley M. Moore, developed the Peaceful End of Life Theory, which asserts that nurses are integral to the creation of peaceful end of life care, which includes freedom from suffering, emotional support, closeness to and participation by significant others, and treatment with empathy and respect. The theory was developed from a standard of care created by expert nurses to manage the care of patients with terminal illness.
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Williamsburg has rapidly evolved into one of New York's most attractive neighborhoods--it's not only a prominent area that attracts artists, musicians, designers, and young professionals, but it is also a burgeoning tourist destination," said Brodie Ruland, Senior Vice President responsible for the New York area at ASB Real Estate Investments.
The code has been found to have a positive impact on the moral reasoning levels of students who had been exposed to it during a college course (Green and Weber, 1997), but its ability to influence practicing accountants, and thus to serve the public interest, has been questioned (Lindblom and Ruland, 1997; Neill et al.
10) See, for instance, Ruland and Bradbury, "such works created a legacy of self-scrutiny that was to shape later secular statements of individualism and conscience" 18.
Ruland and colleagues (20) found a sensitivity of 96% in diagnosing distal biceps ruptures with this test.
That's why we did this," said Judy Ruland, dean of SVSU's College of Health and Human Services.
On the other hand capital market researchers have consistently found the following factors to be significant determinants of earnings response coefficient (ERC): beta, growth, earnings persistence, size and some nonfinancial variables such as industry (see Bernard and Ruland, 1987; Easton and Zmijewski, 1989; Collins and Kothari, 1989; Biddle and Seow, 1991; Cho and Jung, 1991; Dhaliwal and Reynolds, 1994; Kai, 2002; Kim, 2005; Cheng and Nasir, 2010).
Groomsmen were Vanscott Cagle of Mobile, Alabama; Tyler Riehl, stepbrother of the groom, of Irvington, Alabama; Ryan Ruland of Mobile, Alabama; and Cameron Smith of Mobile, Alabama Alan Buffington of Collins served as usher.
The decline in output and revenues is going to be substantial in the fourth quarter and German companies know this," said Heino Ruland, market strategist at Ruland Research.
In the process of answering those questions, I got to meet with Celeste Ruland, N.
Kessler, Christl, and Jurgen Ruland, Give Jesus a Hand
Beth Ruland, a young entrepreneur commenting on Marre's training said, “It changed my life and made me reevaluate myself and learn about what kinds of things I really want to do that make me excited.
Deputy Higher Education Minister Mohammad Osman Babari and DAAD Secretary General Borophea Ruland told a press conference in Kabul the assistance would focus on areas including long-distance learning, printing textbooks and master's degree courses.