Ruffini, Angelo

Ruffini, Angelo

Italian anatomist, 1864–1929.

Ruffini corpuscle

One of the encapsulated sensory nerve endings found in the dermis and in subcutaneous tissue, once thought to mediate the sense of warmth, now believed to be a pressure receptor.
Synonym: organ of Ruffini

organ of Ruffini

Ruffini corpuscle.
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Angelo, Italian histologist, 1864-1929.
flower-spray organ of Ruffini - one of the two types of sensory nerve ending (the other being the annulospiral ending) associated with the neuromuscular spindle. Synonym(s): flower-spray ending
Ruffini corpuscles - sensory end-structures in the subcutaneous connective tissues of the fingers, consisting of an ovoid capsule within which the sensory fiber ends with numerous collateral knobs.
Ruffini papillary endings - papillary endings of the skin's nerve endings.
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