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Ibuprofen, see there.
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24) See "50 Jahre Konigstein," Konigsteiner Rufe (special edition, May 1997), 4-15.
In addition to Rufe and Cannon, other representatives included Commander North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and USNORTHCOM Air Force Gen.
Ol' Rufe looked up and locked his dead blue eyes on me.
The line-up constantly changed, but the most regular members were taken from John Wayne, Max Terhune, Bob Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Bob Steele, Rufe Davis, Tom Tyler, Raymond Hatton, Duncan Renaldo and Jimmy Dodd.
Amerika, ich Rufe deinen Namen nicht Vergeblich an.
This is not a military but a political war," argued Rufe Phillips, "and it's being lost.
I Knew Rufe Snow Before He Was a Road," a comic collection by Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram columnist Dave Lieber and cartoonist Tim Bedison, was published.
For the mud-slides or landslides, Swiss-German has a special expression: Rufe.
One of those early voices belonged to Rufe "Tee-Tot" Payne, who frequented the dives around Greenville, Alabama throughout the 1920s as a street musician.
Denn die Zahl der Jahre vom Rufe Gottes an Abraham, bis zur Geburt Christi, ist 1960, welches 4 apokalyptische Perioden austragt, jeden zu 490, oder auch 40 apok.
Rufel contains both more destruction and construction than Rufe, and this name, like Dessa's, represents a locus of struggle and remembrance.
Zum Schakespears Tag" is replete with rhetorical flourishes that are typical of the Sturm und Drang ("Und ich rufe Natur