Matas, Rudolph

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Rudolph, U.S. surgeon, 1860-1957.
Matas operation - obsolete term for aneurysmoplasty.
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In 1899, Rudolph Matas, a surgeon in New Orleans, reported the use of this apparatus for the successful removal of a chest wall tumour, stating "It is curious that surgeons should have failed to apply for so long a time the suggestions of the physiological laboratory, where the bellows and tracheal tubes have been in constant use from the days of Magendie to the present, in practising artificial respiration in animals" (3).
The final requirement was probably first enunciated by Rudolph Matas, who was chief of surgery at Tulane in the early 1900s, up until 1927 (2).
The instruments will help establish an elementary school band program at Rudolph Matas School in Metairie, LA, as well as three other schools in the district, including the T.
Dr Rudolph Matas gave this address at the 48th annual session of the Mississippi State Medical Association, May 1915, in Hattiesburg.