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Rudolf, German pathologist and politician, 1821-1902.
Virchow angle - an angle formed by the meeting of a line drawn from the middle of the nasofrontal suture to the base of the anterior nasal spine, with a line drawn from this last point to the center of the external auditory meatus. Synonym(s): Virchow-Holder angle
Virchow cells - (1) the lacunae in osseous tissue containing the bone cells; also the bone cells themselves; - (2) connective tissue cells between the laminae of fibrous tissue in the cornea. Synonym(s): corneal corpuscles; Virchow corpuscles
Virchow corpuscles - Synonym(s): Virchow cells (2)
Virchow crystals - yellow-brown, amber, or burnt orange crystals of hematoidin, frequently observed in extravasated blood in tissues.
Virchow disease - acute congenital encephalitis, a condition in which the head is abnormally large. Synonym(s): megacephaly
Virchow law - there is no special or distinctive neoplastic cell inasmuch as the component cells of neoplasms originate from preexisting forms.
Virchow node - a firm, palpable supraclavicular lymph node that may be the first recognized presumptive evidence of a malignant neoplasm in one of the viscera. Synonym(s): signal node
Virchow psammoma - a firm, cellular neoplasm derived from fibrous tissue of the meninges, choroid plexus, and certain other brain structures. Synonym(s): psammomatous meningioma
Virchow triad - factors predisposing vascular thrombosis.
Virchow-Hassall bodies - Synonym(s): Hassall bodies
Virchow-Holder angle - Synonym(s): Virchow angle
Virchow-Robin space - a tunnel-like extension of the subarachnoid space surrounding blood vessels that pass into the brain or spinal cord from the subarachnoid space. Synonym(s): His perivascular space
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This link between cancer and inflammation is not a new one; it was proposed as far back as 1863 when Rudolf Virchow hypothesized that cancer originated at sites of chronic inflammation [7].
The 335-bed Rudolf Virchow is also taking iSOFT's BusinessCentre application for financial accounting and a third-party pharmacy solution.
However, there is more to it than mete source-hunting: as Rudolf Virchow did in Berlin, Pettenkofer and others made Munich one of the centres of social medicine and epidemiology.
Beginning with the scientific writings of Rudolf Virchow and Robert Koch, Otis presents a clear overview of nineteenth-century cell and germ theory.
Taking the theory to its extreme, Rudolf Virchow, the father of cell biology, suggested that irritation was the hidden cause of malignant growth of cells.
As numerous studies have amply documented and as the eminent 19th Century German physician/politician Rudolf Virchow emphasized, the practice of medicine is merely a reflection of the political culture in which one lives.
Rudolf Virchow, a 19th century German pathologist and anthropologist, devised the term "zoonosis" to indicate web of the infectious diseases links between animals and humans, saying that "...
In seeking to understand the social origins of illness, Waitzkin turns to three analysts who have received little attention in American medical literature--Friedrich Engles, Rudolf virchow, and Salvador Allende.
In 1849, Rudolf Virchow made the connection to malaria, but it was initially believed that it was produced in the patient's spleen as a part of the immune response to malaria.