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Chinese medicine see Chinese wild raspberry
Herbal medicine Rubus idaeus, European red raspberry, red raspberry A shrub, the leaves of which contain fragarine and tannin; raspberry leaf infusions may be used to ease muscle spasms, diarrhoea, morning sickness, colds, or sore throat
Drug slang A regional term for a woman who trades sex acts for crack cocaine or for money to buy it
Nutrition A shrub, the fruit of which contains sugars, citric and malic acid, pectin, vitamins A, B, C, volatile oil
Vox populi A rude sound made with the tongue and lips to express derision or contempt
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Optimization of the extraction of anthocyanin from Bokbunja (Rubus coreanus Miq.) marc produced during traditional wine processing and characterization of the extracts.
coreanus may prove to be a profitable endeavor by providing valuable information for Rubus breeding.
leaves may be used as follows: (1) To determine their authenticity and distinguish such leaves from contaminants from other similar plants of the Rubus genus, (2) to develop regulatory documentation for R.
Rubus Labs is designed to foster the spirit of innovation in young entrepreneurs and students in India and to provide them with access to the latest BlackBerry products and technical know-how.
The presence of Salix caprea, Frangula alnus, Rubus idaeus, Trifolium repens, Centaurea cyanus, Arctium tomentosum, Carum carvi, and Fagopyrum esculentum pollen in those honey samples points to a wide diversity of melliferous plants within the area of the Gomerta Landscape Reserve.
In a commercial blackberry (Rubus glaucus Benth.) field located at El Valle, Municipality Libertador, Merida State, Venezuela, a black foot rot disease was detected in 1999.
Beware of the sharp spikes on the stems of the rubus, but I think a few scratches are a small price to pay for their payment in return.
Rubus has also incorporated pay-per-click advertising options for suppliers as well as online registration, payment and a bid management system which lets companies pay more for their advertising and obtain a priority position in the search results.