Max, German hygienist and biochemist, 1854-1932. See: Rubner laws of growth, Rubner test.
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"Technology is revolutionizing fundraising and we're excited to have a stage at the world's largest P2P conference to share our vision with industry leaders," said Marc Rubner, CEO of DonorDrive.
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The second method, allometric scaling, is based on a principle proposed by Rubner (36), which is generally referred to as either geometric or biological similarity (43), and has recently been applied in health sciences or human movement sciences (31).
A first in Asia, this project is the largest order that has ever been received for a structure made of glulamen in the entire company history of Rubner Holzbau in Ober-Grafendorf, an engineered timber construction firm.
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Most recently, Riedl, Strauss, Heuer, and Rubner (2015) examine 10 seasons of data from the Bundesliga and confirm the presence of favoritism in the allocation of additional time when one team leads another, when compared to a tie game.
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