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A regional term for marijuana
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January 9, 2017 After Beijing issued warnings, Rubio said President Tsai and Taiwanese officials are always invited to Florida.
When Rubio inquired further, Thornton emphasized that because the U.
In the past, he had managed Rubio's presidential primary campaigns in Iowa and Florida, which was later suspended by Rubio.
Policemen who later arrived at the crime scene were surprised when they recognized Rubio.
Waske claims Rubio assured her he would honor her request, but during the massage "suddenly and without warning strong-armed (Waske's) right ankle and forcibly yanked it and the hip joint," according to the suit.
Five other Texas lawmakers - all Republicans in the Texas House - had publicly supported Rubio.
Rubio, though, touted his strong second-place finish in Virginia - less than 3 points behind Trump's 35% - and surge in support since a feisty debate performance last week.
You probably know that Rubio is proposing big tax cuts, and may know that among other things he proposes completely eliminating taxes on investment income " which would mean, for example, that Mitt Romney would end up owing precisely zero in federal taxes.
The endorsement gave Rubio, 44, a valuable ally to try to sway voters ahead of Saturday's South Carolina Republican primary, the third contest after Iowa and New Hampshire to pick a party nominee for the Nov.
Senator Marco Rubio successfully rebuffed attacks from his former friend and mentor, Jeb Bush.
A super-PAC supporting the Texas senator's presidential ambitions launched a radio ad in Iowa on Friday attacking Rubio for a lack of accomplishments except one: "his gang of eight amnesty bill.
As Glenn Greenwald remarked on Twitter: "Whenever Marco Rubio speaks policy, [he] seems like a 9th grader who read a biography of Reagan & is giving a book report.