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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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The post Rubbish piles raise health fears in strike-hit Greece appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Rubbish piles higher in Stockton binmen strike DUSTMEN were digging in their heels ready for a long, bitter strike as the piles of rubbish in Stockton grew higher.
The post Rubbish piles up in Paris as pre-Euro football protests go on appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
I provide the rubber protective gloves and black bin bags and arrange for the council to remove the rubbish piles within 48 hours.
EYESORE Rubbish piles up in North Belfast yesterday
| Rubbish piles up in Monks Road, Stoke and (left) Coun Jim O'Boyle
OH dear, I have just read the article about the rubbish problem in parts of Cardiff, in which I am quoted, and I think it may give the wrong impression ("Rubbish piles 'could turn people away from Cardiff '", Echo, May 29) My son and I love the students and we love living in what has become a student area.
SUN, SEA AND SACKS: The popular resort of Playa de las Americas looks like a dump as rubbish piles up by the day KERRY STONE/PA; TALKS: The mayor, right, tries to ease the situation
EYESORE Rubbish piles around the streets of Cathays.
Rubbish piles up in Prince of Wales Lane, Maypole |