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rishi (rēˑ·shē),

n in Sanskrit, one who possesses knowledge. It is one of the three components of the vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures considered sources of pure knowledge. According to vedic sciences, interactions of rishi, devata, and chhandas give rise to matter. See also veda, devata, and chhandas.
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By definition, the RSHI is the ratio of the energy input of the regeneration heater to the MRC.
Q Heat, [kJ/s] [BTU/hr] RSHI Regeneration Specific Heat Input, [kJ/kg] [BTU/hr] Scmh Standard volumetric flow rate, [cmh] Scfm Standard volumetric flow rate, [cfm] T Temperature, [K] [[degrees]C] [[degrees]F] [[degrees]R] V Face velocity, [m/s] [fpm] V Volumetric flow rate, [cmh] [cfm] W Humidity ratio, [kg/kg] [lbm/lbm] ws Saturation humidity ratio, [kg/kg] [lbm/lbm] Z Altitude, [m] [ft] Greek Symbols [DELTA] Variation (grain depression, pressure drop) [mu] Dynamic viscosity of air, [lbm/s ft] [rho] Density of moist air, [lbm/[ft.
Jason is believed to have grown up in t he Ont ha n k a re a of Ki lmarnock, Ay rshi re, before moving to Australia where he found work as a motor mechanic.
Barry Higginson C Coy 1 RSHi to Myra and Jim Harley and therest of my family, and also to the best woman in the world, my beautiful girlfriend Gemma Robertson.