Royal College of Radiologists

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Royal College of Radiologists

The College was granted a Royal Charter in 1953, and, in 1979, became The Royal College of Radiologists, comprised of clinical radiologists and clinical oncologists. Clinical radiologists provide diagnostic imaging and, increasingly, interventional radiology, and are usually hospital based. Clinical oncologists are medical specialists skilled in non-surgical forms of cancer treatment, utilising radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radioactive isotopes and other special techniques to treat patients with cancer.

The College traces its roots back to the Röntgen Society founded in 1897, which had loose ties with medicine. In the 1930s some radiologists established The British Association of Radiologists, while others formed The Society of Radiotherapists, to treat cancer with x-rays and radium; in 1939, the two merged to form The Faculty of Radiologists.

Royal College of Psychiatrists, remit
• Set standards and promote excellence in psychiatry and mental healthcare;
• Lead, represent and support psychiatrists;
• Work with service users, carers and their organisations.
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The report, by the Royal College of Radiologists, also claimed Scottish patients were faced with delays of a month or more for diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer due to the nationwide shortage of staff.
Royal College of Radiologists. Focused Ultrasound Training Standards.
Dr Nicola Strickland of the Royal College of Radiologists said 500,000 cancer scans are done using imported material from the EU and 10,000 patients are treated each year.
Industry comment: "The Royal College of Radiologists, like others in medicine and industry, is seriously concerned about continued access to these materials if we leave the Euratom treaty under Brexit." -- Nicola Strickland, President of The Royal College of Radiologists
Nicola Strickland of the Royal College of Radiologists said the move could harm access to imported material widely used in scans and treatments.
(1.) Royal College of Radiologists. The older radiologist.
(14.) The Royal College of Radiologists. Ultrasound training recommendations for medical and surgical specialties.
The Clinical Imaging Board (CIB) is a collaboration between the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) and the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR).
According to the Royal College of Radiologists there has been an increase in radiology workloads of between 10 and 12% per year.
Some of the resulting biological effects of X-rays are dose dependant (such as skin burns), while some mutations (such as cancer) have many random factors associated with development (Royal College of Radiologists, 2013).

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