Rough Trade

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(1) Violent, often brutal sex acts.
(2) A person, especially a male prostitute, who engages in or appears likely to engage in such acts.
(3) A tough or violent, casual sexual partner, especially, a lorry/truck driver, construction worker, or docker
(4) A tough, supermasculine appearance of normally heterosexual males seeking an occasional homosexual experience
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After two or three self-released cassette albums at the start of their career they maintained a steady output - averaging a release a year - until they signed to Rough Trade and issued their first, and probably best-known, of three albums, Manic, Magic, Majestic (1989), with Geoff Travis's iconic independent label.
I'm also looking forward to playing at Rough Trade East, it's going to be loud and hot!"
Warpaint returns to the WOW Hall on Thursday with "The Fool," the Rough Trade debut.
DYLAN LEBLANC Paupers Field (Rough Trade) A GLANCE at Ryan Adams' Twitter feed - a stream of missives about heavy metal - raises concerns over how long we'll have to wait for another of his great albums.
Rough Trade's great new signing Rox relights the new soul scene with a limited release of this live favourite.
As the rough trade is picking up again, the momentum is there.
An aborted major label stint as part of a duo called Polar Star followed but she stepped out on her own with a self-titled album on Rough Trade Records in 2001, accompanied on piano by her husband Sam Lakeman, brother of Seth, who she met while in Equation.
The album is due for digital release tomorrow and it will be available in shops via their record label Rough Trade Records on April 13.
Angola, Namibia and Botswana are increasingly determined to process locally some of the stones chipped from their mines, which once would have been promptly whisked off to the London clearing house of De Beers, the dominant player in rough trade.
Sanctuary's operations also cover merchandising and ownership of record labels including Rough Trade and Trojan.
I can reveal the singer has been locked in top secret talks with his old record label Rough Trade about doing a solo album.
lang and Melissa Etheridge are given credit in the liner notes, which also thank acts like Rough Trade, Fifth Column, Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman and others for inspiration.