Rough Sleeping

A British term for a homelessness
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Night after night have I passed in any rough sleeping place, and waited for morning.
In a joint statement, seven homelessness charities who advised ministers hailed the strategy as "a significant step towards the Government's goal of ending rough sleeping by 2027, which will make a real difference to people's lives".
There were 53 people who returned to rough sleeping in the city after a gap of a year or more in 2017/18, up from 28 in the previous 12 months and just 17 in 2015/16.
ROUGH sleeping and homelessness is a national scandal.
WARWICK District Council is set to commit more than PS3m to support measures combating rough sleeping and homelessness in the area.
But certainly, if I was rough sleeping, I would try to sleep somewhere where I am not going to be seen, somewhere where I am not going to be assaulted or urinated on or whatever else might happen to you if you are rough sleeping.
Conservative Communities Secretary Sajid Javid made the stark admission during an LBC Radio interview about the government's new rough sleeping crackdown.
EXPERTS from homelessness charities and local government met for the first time yesterday as part of the Government's new advisory panel aimed at helping to eliminate rough sleeping within a decade.
LIVERPOOL Mayor Joe Anderson has dared Tory government ministers to take him on over his approach to homelessness as he aims to end all rough sleeping in the city.
Speaking about the new figures, Frances Beecher, Llamau chief executive, said: "We are saddened by the increase in the figure of people recorded as rough sleeping across Wales.
'Sleep with Simon' is the flagship fundraiser for the West Yorkshire charity, which provides outreach support all year round to vulnerable adults who are rough sleeping or at risk of rough sleeping in Hudders-field, Bradford and Leeds.
GREATER Manchester's approach to end rough sleeping is like a 'torch in the darkness', according to a former government homelessness tsar.