rough sex

Sexual activity—which may include sado-masochistic activity—in which one or both participants risk bodily harm or even death should one lose control

rough sex

Sexual activity in which one or both participants risk bodily harm or even death should one lose control. See Kinky sex, Paraphilia, Sexual asphyxia, Sexual deviancy.

Patient discussion about rough sex

Q. if you've had rough sex can bleeding accur a day or two later and have a smelly discharge?

A. it is very possible to happen like that. a rough sex will most likely cause trauma in the mucosa (either it is vaginal mucosa or anal mucosa), and the bleeding can happen even after a day or two.
if you're experiencing smelly discharge, be aware of the possibility of genital infection, that's why I'll recommend you to go to a doctor to get checked, and then get the specific therapy for that.

if it is happened that you're getting genital infection, you would probably inform your sex-partner and encourage your partner to seek the same medical advice.

Stay healthy always...

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Carl Dakin, who also tried to force soap into her mouth, initially claimed her injuries occurred during rough sex.
Daryll Rowe, 26, from Edinburgh is accused of forcing the young man into rough sex to make him vulnerable to infection after they met on Tinder.
Her character is often forced to engage in rough sex to please her husband, Perry (Alexander Skarsgard).
Last year, a jury found Barton not guilty of second degree murder, accepting that Gladue's death was due to consensual rough sex.
Prosecutor Eloise Mar- shall said: "He would often end up tying her up and slap ping her on the face and buttocks but he would repeatedly cross the line from rough sex into rape.
The students, named "John Doe" and "Jane Roe" in the suit, had engaged in BDSM, an umbrella category of kinky and often rough sex.
However, when the CBC saw a video of his rough sex, it fired him.
Several factors raise the risk of sexual HCV transmission in HIV-positive gay men: (1) high HCV levels resulting from HIV infection, (2) rough sex that leads to bleeding (blood carries HCV), (3) open sores resulting from sexually transmitted diseases, and (4) frequent or long sex because of party-drug use.
Strauss-Kahn and his lawyers had argued that he has an appetite for rough sex but was not aware that women he frolicked with at parties and hotels in Paris, Lille and Washington, mostly while in the powerful IMF post, were prostitutes.
McDonough told investigators for months that Marriott died during consensual rough sex between the two women.
Rough Sex #2 has two awesome scenes, one between Madison Young and Dylan Ryan and another between April Flores and Claire Adams.
While one purpose of the story is to provide a setting for the graphic and at times rough sex, The Hardest Thing would not be out of place alongside the works of other current writers of detective stories if the sex scenes had been tamed down or limited in number.