Rouget-Neumann sheath

Rou·get-Neu·mann sheath

(rū-zhā' nū'mahn),
the uncalcified bone matrix between an osteocyte and the lacunar or canalicular wall.
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Ernst F.C., German histologist, anatomist, and pathologist, 1834-1918.
Neumann cells - nucleated cells in the bone marrow developing into red blood cells.
Neumann sheath - a layer of tissue relatively resistant to the action of acids, which forms the walls of the dentinal tubules. Synonym(s): dentinal sheath
Neumann syndrome - muscle cell tumor in infants Synonym(s): neonatal myoblastoma
Rouget-Neumann sheath - see under Rouget, Charles MB


Charles M.B., French physiologist, 1824-1904.
Rouget cell - a cell with several slender processes that embraces the capillary wall in amphibia. Synonym(s): capillary pericyte
Rouget muscle - the circular fibers of the ciliary muscle. Synonym(s): circular fibers
Rouget-Neumann sheath - the amorphous ground substance between an osteocyte and the lacunar or canalicular wall.
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