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Arturo B., 20th-century Philippine internist. See: Rotor syndrome.
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These will all have to rely on rotors for the seemingly magical play of lights that will sync with Christmas carols and modern songs in the contest's three rounds.
Either a properly designed winding or carefully constructed rotor may partially reduce space harmonics present in the air gap flux density spectrum.
The developed finite element model can numerically calculate the response of rotors with any number of loose discs at any location with isotropic or orthotropic supports.
A new, specially-designed rotor, makes the Alfa Laval Contherm scraped-surface heat exchanger even more ideal for processing shear-sensitive, particulate-bearing foods such as soups, sauces, desserts and confectionery.
The rotors in a tangential mixer have a major and minor diameter.
The data regarding installed and working capacity of Rotors in Pakistan is tabulated as under.
AFPM machines can be single-sided or double-sided, with or without armature slots, with or without armature core, with internal or external permanent-magnet rotors, with surface-mounted or interior permanent-magnet, and single-stage or multi-stage [21].
With the rotors engaged, personnel inside the rotor arc are not permitted to go aft of the transition section because of the potential hazards associated with the spinning tail rotor and engine-exhaust fumes.
According to these surveys 49% of faults are in bearing, 31% of faults are at stator winding, 10% of defects are in rotor winding and 10% of faults are from other faults.
Check the clearance of the forward and aft rotors whenever the flight controls are moved from the centered position during maintenance.
The Conex extruder for two-layer WPC sheet uses a nested combination of twin stators with spiral grooves on both sides, separated by rotors with matching whorls of 1-in.
The Ross Series 700 High Shear Mixer, commonly used for creating high quality emulsions and dispersions throughout the process industry, incorporates high-speed rotors running in close proximity to fixed stators.