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Arturo B., 20th-century Philippine internist. See: Rotor syndrome.
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If axle seals are leaking onto the brakes it will ruin the brake pads and rotors.
The rotor liners and liner plates on the rotor and the anvils in the anvil ring can be accessed and replaced simply via a hydraulically removable housing cover.
In normal operation, the sinter dust only accumulates on the top of the rotor blades.
The Customer Training helped the staff to optimize maintenance of rotor cleaning and setting of the appropriate opening roller speed.
'The sequencer used in the lighting system of a giant lantern has the same function as that of the rotor in creating a sequence or play of lights.
The lamination features [Q.sub.1] = 48 slots on the stator and [Q.sub.2] = 36 slots on the rotor. Rated parameters of the machine are presented in Table I.
For a rotor system with N nodes which consists of N - 1 shaft segments, the equations of motion of the rotor system can be obtained by integrating the equations of motion of each disc and shaft segment.
One was regarding the support of blade as clamped or elastic support and analyzing the vibration of the blade separately and the other was regarding blade-disk system as a rigid body component and analyzing the dynamic characteristics of the rotor system separately.
Nevertheless, practical applications have shown that, if the motor startup time is too short, the detection of broken rotor bar cannot be performed [24].
Since its initial development in the 1920s by Professor Frederick Kurt Kirsten of the University of Washington, the cycloidal rotor concept had largely been abandoned after further studies, owing to the complexity of the aerodynamic analysis required and the existence of insurmountable structural problems.
In this setup four bladed rotor was kept on fixed position and wind source with constant wind beam was adjustable to decide the suitable striking angle of the wind source on the blade starting from origin of the rotor towards the tip of the blade as shown in Fig.
The 51mm diameter rotor provides 36mm of clearance between the scraping blade and the rotor's surface; providing 44 percent more annular space for product and enabling free passage for even large pieces of product.