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Arturo B., 20th-century Philippine internist. See: Rotor syndrome.
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While modernizing the giant lantern, Mallari said he still appreciated the brilliance of the rotor.
In order to evaluate the influence of intermediate ring on machine's operation, three different rotor constructions are analysed and compared using the finite element method.
Many models with looseness fault involved in previous researches focus on simple Jeffcott rotor system using the lumped mass model and finite element model without regard to the dual-rotor structure of real aeroengine.
Execution of the complete insulation of the rotor in the class F.
The 51mm diameter rotor provides 36mm of clearance between the scraping blade and the rotor's surface; providing 44 percent more annular space for product and enabling free passage for even large pieces of product.
The tangential mixer is made up of two opposing sides and one rotor positioned in the bore of each side with an open area between the two rotors defined by the rotor centers and major rotor diameter.
Rotor Spinning machine spins yarns from the sliver and the winding mechanism of the machine produces wound cone or cheese.
Presented are the design details of the raisedrings of the rotor disc for an axial-flux induction motor to obtain the appropriate solid-rotor-ringed axial-flux motor construction.
Delaying an event by five minutes or being cut in half by the tail rotor, which is worse?
To study the influence of the UMP on the dynamic behaviour of the rotor on nonlinear anisotropic supports, a simple computational model was developed.
It is well known that the rotor current during starting can be as much as four until seven times the normal full load current and that the effects of these large currents are represented by very large thermal stresses in the rotor circuit.
Save yourself the agony of unnecessary light repair and latch damage or maybe even rotor replacement.