August von, German physician, 1830-1906. See: Rothmund syndrome, Rothmund-Thomson syndrome.
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Von Bruno Rothmund, Bahnhofstrasse 19, 8880 Walenstadt, Schweiz
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De Sanctis Cacchione variant (dSCS) and Rothmund Thomson syndrome (RTS), which were among the differential diagnosis were ruled out upon careful evaluation.
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It was described by both German ophthalmologist Rothmund (1898) as well as British dermatologist Thomson (1936), and approximately 300 cases have been described in the published literature to date [1, 2].
Cori Pacanins, RDH, BSDH and Katelyn Thomson, RDH, BSDH from Pacific University were the recipients of the undergraduate award for their submission, "Compensation and Position Characteristics of Dental Hygiene Program Directors." Windy Rothmund, RDH, MS, from Eastern Washington University received the graduate award for "Oral Manifestations of Menopause: An Interprofessional Intervention for Dental Hygiene and Physician Assistant Students." Congratulations to the authors and their mentors ...
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