Arthur C.H., English biochemist, 1880-1915. See: Rothera nitroprusside test.
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Contract award: Replacement Sewage Treatment Plant, Rothera Station, Antarctica.
Schwartz added an insurance run in the fifth inning, on an infield out by Rothera.
QOS - Henderson, Sharp, Binning, McBain, Aird, Greenock, Houliston, Rothera, Patterson, Neilson, Oakes.
The coolest bash, though, was held by British scientists at Rothera research station in Antarctica.
Contract notice: replacement sewage treatment plant, rothera station, antarctica.
Rothera went 3 for 4 with three RBIs for Schwartz and had a two-run homer in the first.
Paul Rose talks about science support diving at Rothera research station, Antarctica.
But truckers' solicitors Rothera Dowson said: "The unfairness of this legislation has again been recognised.
Data sets from recent interdisciplinary European-South American field work within ESF-IMCOAST (PolarCLIMATE April 2010-March 2013) and from the Jubany scientific core programme at King George Island (KGI) will be connected and cross-validated with southern stations on WAP: the US Palmer and the British Rothera station.
Rothera started the rally in the sixth with a single just inside the left field line.
Last week I got the most fantastic opportunity to fly as co-pilot to Rothera -- another British Antarctic Survey base.