Roth-Bielschowsky syndrome

Roth-Bielschowsky syndrome

[Alfred Bielschowsky, Ger. ophthalmologist, 1871–1940; Vladimir K. Roth, Russian pathologist 1848–1916]
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia.
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Alfred, German ophthalmologist, 1871-1940.
Bielschowsky disease - early childhood type of lipofuscinosis.
Bielschowsky sign - in paralysis of a superior oblique muscle, tilting the head to the side of the involved eye causes that eye to rotate upward.
Roth-Bielschowsky syndrome - see under Roth, W


Roth-Bielschowsky syndrome - complete paralysis of conjugate movements of the eyes in one or more directions, except those under labyrinthine control. Synonym(s): pseudoophthalmoplegia
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