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A clock face or instrument resembling a clock face.
[L. dies, day]


a circular diagram with black lines radiating outward across a white background from the center, as is used in tests of astigmatism.


(dī′ăl) [L. dialis, daily, fr. dies, day]
A graduated circular face, similar to a clock face, on which some measurement is indicated by a pointer that moves as the entity being measured (pressure, temperature, or heat) changes.

astigmatic dial

A circular dial with black lines of uniform width drawn as if they were connecting opposing numbers on the face of a clock. It is used in testing for astigmatism.
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The FLEX:CELL was different because it replaced the dedicated machining head of the traditional rotary dial index machine with CNC machining units, each of which can have three or more independent axes of travel and a tool changer, if required.
There are a range of driver-selectable modes for varying conditions including snow, sand, mud and rock, activated by a rotary dial on the fascia.
Both De Bruin and Cundiff said they have no idea what happened to their old rotary dial phones.
3-inch display and combination of keys and rotary dial also make the IntelliAg MVT easy to setup and operate.
Once a fixture on many corners, the pay phone has become as rare as a rotary dial.
Rotary Dial Menu: The Rotary Dial provides easy control and selection of the convenient functions, and let's the operator swiftly scroll and select anything from scene positions to thumbnails.
The 2013 Ram 1500 also features an exclusive eight-speed transmission activated with a breakthrough e-shift rotary dial
Picking up the phone in his office Sunday night, Elgin Baylor puts his finger in the holes of the rotary dial and gets his boss on the line.
Designed by mobile apps development company WillowTree Apps, the Sitter Sorter rotary dial animates when you touch it, allowing parents to dial it like a rotary phone.
The Firing Room Theater features the actual equipment in the Apollo firing room, accurate down to the rotary dial phones, tattered chairs and half-full ashtrays.
Smart meters electronically track and transmit electricity usage throughout the day compared to traditional rotary dial meters that need to be read monthly.
But for people who miss the simpler 20th century, the company also sells rotary dial phones made in the 1970s, with no antennas, no batteries, no GigaHertzes, and bells that actually ring.