Grigoriy I., Russian neurologist, 1860-1928. See: Rossolimo reflex, Rossolimo sign.
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The Queen's Gambit, Rossolimo or the Petrov Defense -- Carlsen and his team don't put a huge amount of emphasis on their openers, preferring tried and trusted methods over developing new variations.
WIM Bernadette Galas settled for a draw via perpetual check with WIM Chelsie Monica Sihite after overlooking the winning move in their Sicilian Rossolimo Variation tussle.
glis is that from the Kazan region of Russia: 8 June-25 September (Rossolimo et al.
The same group of researchers (20) also looked to quantify the sensitivity of the Rossolimo reflex in a population with confirmed cervical or thoracic spondylotic myelopathy.
Playing white, So prevailed after 29 moves of Sicilian Rossolimo to tie local bet GM Anish Giri with 3.5 points.
"Her father Rossolimo (remember the Italian prisoner?) is going to celebrate his 93rd birthday and he and his family would love you to join them.
Rossolimo, "Preliminary report of Baikal expedition of Zoological Museum of Moscow University in summer 1917" Proceedings of Commission For the Study of Lake Baikal, vol.
It was once again a Sicilian Rossolimo, the same as Game 10.
1928 "Otsenka lichnosti detei-narkomanov po metodam Rossolimo. Bine i Kelle" (Personality Evaluation of Addict Kids after Rossolimo, Binet, and Keile).