Daisy Pattern

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Histopathology A term referring to the radiating stellate fibrillary forms, corresponding to tyrosine crystals seen in pleomorphic adenoma when stained with Mayer’s hemalum & tartrazine
Microbiology A descriptor for the microscopic morphology of Sporothrix schenckii cultured at 20ºC, the hyphae of which simulate the petals of a daisy; this pattern may also be seen in Candida spp
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The MC reconfiguration is accompanied by a massive series of terraces, a new style of rectilinear architecture and new elements of material culture, including a unique picrolite stone disc pendant with incised decoration and a perforated rosette pattern in the centre.
In our case, the cystic lesion represented "water lily" sign and rosette pattern with related fibrous elements (internal septae, detached membrane, and capsule), which were isointense and hypointense on T1- and T2-weighted images, respectively.
The increase of PCC3 clusters of individual crystals arranged in a rosette pattern result in voids of smaller dimensions as compared to those in PCC1 and PCC2.
Made of white re-embroidered silk lace in a rosette pattern, the formal gown featured a sweetheart bodice made of lace and forming sheer straps on the shoulder.
"You don't see that noticeable dot or rosette pattern."
A patented cycloidal movement guides the forming tool through an eleven-point rosette pattern to achieve a uniform spread of the material.
The fish- tail flared hemline was designed using red leaves in rosette pattern.
The leopards were identified using the rosette patterns on their right and left flanks.
To achieve subtle gradations in embroidery, he used a chain of rosette patterns.