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Wilhelm, German surgeon, 1817-1888. See: Roser-Nélaton line.
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Roser, a professor of lean manufacturing in Germany, begins his book with a telling anecdote.
On Christmas Day 1545, Isabel Roser, her ladyinwaiting Francisca Cruyllas, and her friend Lucrezia di Bradine took their especially formulated vows of poverty, chastity and obedience before Ignatius.
The precedent set in Roser abandons modern rules of contract formation and interpretation, returning contracting parties to a time before the UCC when the last party to send a form controlled the contract and contractual elements had to be expressly agreed to.
During a recent interview, Roser dismissed the state comptroller's financial analysis of school districts in New York which ranked Lewiston's school district in the bottom rung of districts.
"We are looking for that handful of data that is meaningful for what we are doing," says Roser.
La seccion de articulos se cierra con interesantisimo texto de Roser Manzanera Ruiz y Carmen Lizarraga Mollinedo que describe los procesos de empoderamiento economico de las mujeres rurales en una comunidad de Tanzania, ante el desigual acceso a la produccion y distribucion de los ingresos.
Fabian Roser, regional creative director at OgilvyOne Middle East, writing in Private View, said: "You just got to love this.A very nicely art directed campaign across online, offline, out- of-home, everywhere and everything, and all for a good cause - a brave new beer."
Key Personnel: Mel Weiss, Chairman, Board of Directors; Craig Weiss, President; Lon Weiss, Chief Operating Officer; Joy Frank, Executive Vice President; William Neumann, Vice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs; Angie Inouye, Director, Business Development; Leslie Eberspeacher, Manager, Technical Services; Cathleen Roser, Account Manager.
With: Oriol Pla, Augustus Prew, Dimitri Leonidas, Roser Tapias, Javier Beltran, Martin Freeman, Katia Klein, Maria Rodriguez Soto, Alba Ribas.