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Wilhelm, German surgeon, 1817-1888. See: Roser-Nélaton line.
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51) Some reasonable compromise between business efficiency and legal correctness must surely exist; to assert, as the Roser court's conclusion would have one believe, that every element of every form must be carefully negotiated and approved without recourse to shorthand techniques, would appear antithetical to the promised legal cost savings of the CISG.
Big data is underlying all that we do," says Roser.
The women embraced, and Roser, still wiping away tears, laughed and cried at the same time.
45 Roser took Franciscan vows in 1550 and died in 1554.
Redlag (20), glossing Ouwn roser, is not a 'red-leg' (as the queried MED definition suggests) but a 'reed goose', matching the French, which also literally translates 'reed goose'.
Among the artists participating in this project were Mario Carreno, Ricardo Yrarrazabal, Roberto Matta (whose mural was painted by a disciple), Rodolfo Opazo, Mario Toral, Ramon Vergara-Grez, Francisco Mendez, Roser Bru, Sergio Montecino, Nemesio Antunez, Jose Balmes, Gracia Barrios, Guillermo Nunez and Augusto Barcia.
Roser Award for Excellence in bankruptcy in Missouri, and a 2012 recipient of the Gernon Award for outstanding contribution to continuing legal education in Kansas.
Kailey Maze, Jacob McCulley, Wilson McElhinny, Mariah McElroy, Taivin McLaughlin, Nicholas Olson, Ashlie Ortiz, Russell Pedigo, Jade Perrine, Antwan Price, Tim Reed, Cameron Roberts, Jessica Roberts, Jordan Roser, Justice Rowe, Max Schilling, Ashley Shelton, Jordan Smith, Della Stolsig, Eden Thompson, Savannah Thoren- Hunscuker, Justin Tucker, Laneesha Van Dyke, Francisco Villa, Angellica Wallace, Cody Wenger, Nicholas Werner, Rachel Williams, Christopher Wilson, Don Wing and Briana Winnings.
Roser, son of Mary Lou Roser of Fitchburg, has graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio.
According to Fermilab's Rob Roser, Y(4140) was found only about 20 times in billions and billions of collisions.
com, or Thomas Roser of CoCreate Software GmbH, Europe, +49.