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Wilhelm, German surgeon, 1817-1888. See: Roser-Nélaton line.
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1% and has been cut in half since (Ortiz-Ospina and Roser, 2016).
En ese segmento del montaje, Roser Bru <<dialoga>> a traves de las imagenes y citas con el fundador, de quien tambien se ofrecen grabados y algunas reflexiones y recuerdos.
OWID, run by Roser and a small group of researchers, is housed at the University of Oxford's Oxford Martin School.
Roser Calaf Masachs, Didactica del patrimonio, Ediciones Trea, 2009.
de Merce Escardo, "Los libros, esos objetos inertes" de Victor Moreno, "Tal fan els grans, tal fan els infants" de Roser Ros o "Estrategies del desig o trucs per llegir" de Emili Teixidor.
Unfortunately, Roser turned out to be a cross too heavy for Ignatius to bear, and two of her nephews, disinherited by her donation of her estate to the Society, sued in a church court claiming that the Jesuits had stolen her fortune.
Mary Roser was promoted to Operations Supervisor at the Johansen Branch, working for First National for almost a decade.
The director of The Screening House, Daniel Roser, responded in a more measured way, posting a rebuttal to Julian's points on the same forum.
In Roser, (37) the United States District Court of the Western District of Pennsylvania considered whether an exclusion clause only referenced in a website link should be incorporated into a contract.
Roser and Korsch (1986) used the illustrated effect of grains on modal and chemical composition and extended K2O/Na2O-SiO2 classifications developed by Crook (1974) to include finer grained members of sedimentary units.
The term 'data scientist' is so new, we don't yet have it in our job descriptions at Fermilab," says physicist Robert Roser, head of the Scientific Computing Division at this national laboratory in Batavia, Illinois.
The bank said that it has named James O Roser as new chief information officer for the firm.