Rosenbach test

Ro·sen·bach test

an obsolete test for bile in the urine; the suspect urine is passed several times through the same filter paper, which is then dried and touched with a drop of slightly fuming nitric acid; the presence of bile is indicated by the resulting play of colors characteristic of the bile pigments (a yellow spot surrounded by rings of red, violet, blue, and green).
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Ottomar, German physician, 1851-1907.
Rosenbach disease - Synonym(s): (1) Heberden nodes; - (2) exostoses on the terminal phalanges of the fingers in osteoarthritis; a specific, usually self-limiting, cellulitis of the hand caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae. Synonym(s): erysipeloid
Rosenbach law - (1) in affections of the nerve trunks or nerve centers, paralysis of the flexor muscles appears later than that of the extensors; (2) in case of abnormal stimulation of organs with rhythmical functional periodicity.
Rosenbach sign - loss of the abdominal reflex in cases of acute inflammation of the viscera.
Rosenbach test - for bile in the urine.
Rosenbach-Gmelin test - Synonym(s): Gmelin test
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