Rose-Waaler test

Rose-Waal·er test

(rōz wah'lĕr),
a test of historical interest: when sheep red blood cells are coated with a concentration of antiserum to sheep red blood cells that is too low to cause agglutination, the addition of serum from a patient with rheumatoid arthritis will cause agglutination.
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A passive hemagglutination test of largely historic interest formerly used to detect rheumatoid factors—RFs
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Rose-Waaler test

A test for RHEUMATOID FACTORS in RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Sheep or human red blood cells coated with rabbit antired cell antibody are clumped together (agglutinated) in the presence of rheumatoid factors. (George Gibson Rose, b. 1922, American researcher; and Erik Waaler, 20th century Norwegian biologist).
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H.M., U.S. microbiologist, 1906–.
Rose-Waaler test - obsolete test for demonstration of rheumatoid arthritis.


Erik, Norwegian biologist 1903–.
Rose-Waaler test - see under Rose, HM
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