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Circular pores or fenestrations with wedge-shaped slits covered by a thin diaphragm, located in the capillary walls of endocrine glands—e.g., pancreatic islet cells—which may be seen by electron microscopy and freeze fracturing techniques
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For experts, what makes the monumental rose windows installed in the course of this construction unique is that there are few examples of Medieval stained glass in Paris, at least outside of St.
The North Rose window still had most of its original glass in place until yesterday.
The post Notre-Dame's rose window spared but fire harms artworks appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Students practiced tracing a circle, making tick marks and lines to replicate the rose window, or spider web appearance of the mesh part of the Dream Catchers.
The main living space of this astonishing conversion is dominated by the wonderful rose window in one gable end, more than 12ft in diameter, set neatly under the soaring 23ft high vaulted ceiling.
Part of what allows Wilson's memoir both to render and to transcend its particular context so beautifully is that the central metaphor of the blue and rose windows works not only as a parable about Christian Science's theological denial of pain and evil but also as a commentary on American culture in the fifties and sixties.
Outside the frosted windows, cans, are frozen to the streets, amute as we are, aghast at the sun and dazzle of fact fragmenting: high rose windows and the Apollo Belvedere seem mere islands of belief that drift.
PARIS sunshine bursting through the rose windows of Notre Dame was one of the world's most beautiful sights which might now never be seen again.
Next I showed them how to make lancet and rose windows. A ruler with holes drilled through the middle at various points makes a great compass, and students could use this money-saving tool to create large circles.