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Henry E., British chemist, 1833-1915. See: Bunsen-Roscoe law.
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The new name is inspired by William Roscoe's poem, The Butterfly's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast.
Roscoe, a training professional with over a decade of experience in coaching and developing employees, has most recently served as the learning and development supervisor for Zions Bancorporation, supporting the California Bank & Trust division.
The video seemed to melt the hearts of some of those watching it, with one commenting: "What a beautiful voice you have Roscoe."
Roscoe said: "It was down to me whether I wanted to come back and I took the opportunity straight away.
The court accordingly vacated Roscoe's conviction on constitutional grounds and remanded the case to Superior Court for a new trial.
Danielle and Jonathan Roscoe will be trekking up Mount Snowdon with five month old son Otis to raise money for Childrens Liver Disease
At a GMP disciplinary hearing a panel found that Pc Roscoe had behaved 'opportunistically', shown no remorse and had abused the trust placed in him.
Dr Ingrid Roscoe chats with volunteers in the new kitchen of the museum
Roscoe received many schol arly recognitions, including Phi Beta Kappa, the Silver Medal from the U.S.
That's the message from the book," Roscoe stated in a recent presentation given in Wrexham at Beltane, UK.
According to the complaint, a confrontation between Lil Wayne's crew and Peewee Roscoe's crew arose, with Roscoe allegedly saying, "This is my city...
Yesterday, as Roscoe, 59, was jailed for 10 years, he still refused to accept his guilt and shouted from the dock at Mold Crown Court that "it didn't happen".