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A genus of plants including the roses (family Rosaceae); several varieties are the sources of rose oil: Rosa alba, cottage rose; Rosa centifolia, the pale rose or cabbage rose (source of official rose oil); Rosa damascena, damask rose; and Rosa gallica, red rose or French rose.
[L. rose]
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It's really up to the President if he still needs me," dela Rosa said .
Despite having previous plans for his retirement supposedly scheduled April 24 this year, Dela Rosa said his public service would continue as it is his priority.
this is the hardest battle, you are fighting those from within the organization,' dela Rosa said.
Alejano issued the statement shortly after Dela Rosa belittled the legislator's capability to conclude that there was a pattern of irregularity in drug-related killings based on spot police reports.
Mum Andrea said Rosa, the zoo's carnivore keeper, loved her job and "wouldn't have done anything else".
Rosa is sent to live with her father's cousins, the Kremers, in London.
de Cultivar ou Selecao Petalas Sepalas Cor Producao Necta Flor 19 a 20 10 Pink Sim (P) Rosa Flor 19 a 21 10 Rosa media Sim C.
Rosa's centrality to the novel is reflected even in its design, pervading the chapters like the ever-looming wistaria: in addition to her italicized monologue that monopolizes the whole of chapter five, Rosa is with the reader and Quentin in the first and last chapters.
It is this faith that helped Rosa to gain admittance into a white school.
Rosa was a constant threat to The Latics and he almost got the game off to a dramatic start when he chipped visiting keeper Les Pogliacomi from 40 yards with the ball just clearing the bar.
Herbert Kohl recommends the following books about Rosa Parks for school use:
Salvator Rosa in French Literature: From the Bizarre to the Sublime.