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LIKE A RORSCHACH TEST, the reaction among Arkansans to State Auditor Julia Hughes Jones is revealing.
Baking in the sun after a dip in the pool and half-listening to the music, I would transform the designs painted on the walls into a giant Rorschach test.
Mauzner was a musical Rorschach test blending blue-eyed soul, 60's psychedelia, rock, hip-hop, funk, mariachi, drum & bass and numerous other styles.
They're now a Rorschach test for politics that either exemplify those who are struggling or blame them for not achieving enough despite systemic flaws working against them.
This plan appears to be something of a Rorschach test, with even non-partisan analysts emphasizing different elements and drawing different conclusions.
In the two other nonnarrative films shown, Rorschach Test Animation, 2004, and Faces, 2007, Amorales seems interested in the liquidity and ambivalence of images and the free association of perception, showing as he does forms merging and disintegrating.
Jesus has served as a Rorschach test in Jewish intellectuals' interpretations of modern Jewish culture and identity.
of Paris) compiles 11 essays on the uses of the Rorschach test and recent research and theories pertaining to it, by an international group of scholars.
The Universal Object and its path to existence exemplifies his philosophy of art, which in publicity material is being heralded as almost a sculptural version of the psychologist's thought-association inkblots, the Rorschach test.
The choice of cover reflects her surrealist bent: an image reminiscent of a Rorschach test graces the front of the fifty- page volume, with fuzzy, flesh-colored, vaguely torsolike forms surrounded by black shadows.
By contrast, Dean's book is based on a technique of pseudo-analysis that amounts to a verbal Rorschach test.