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Hermann, Swiss psychiatrist, 1884-1922. See: Rorschach test.
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A widely use projective personality test in which 10 vertically symmetrical ink blots are presented to a person or patient to evaluate what they ‘see’ in the ‘picture’
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Rorschach's nickname as a teenager had been Klex, the German word for "inkblot"; he earned the moniker for his artistic skills, which he had picked up from his painter father.
Rorschach training: Doctoral students' experiences and preferences.
(MARGIE/Intuit House book prize, 2008), and Rorschach Art (Red Hen
Hence the response stated by an individual when examining the Rorschach cards demonstrates their vision of the world that is based on the configuration of their being-in-the-world.
Moore's riveting graphic novel Watchmen, which came to life in the late 1980s, depicts an apocalyptic world in which the lone and disturbed "hero," Rorschach, travels by night and by shadows in order to investigate what begins as the murder of another superhero character (ex-superhero to be precise): the Comedian.
8 ( ANI ): Google is commemorating the 129th birthday of Freudian psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach, who created the famous inkblot test, with its interactive doodle.
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