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Of very poor quality; e.g., a ropey patient is in bad shape
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Fair enough, the dialogue could be a bit ropey at times - along the "Align the parathraxis generator and destroy the dirigitypes of Mogadon Three" sort of thing - but it was all a good laugh.
Now, this dramatic report wasn't on the "tittle tattle" segment of a ropey commercial station, this was the august national BBC for heaven's sake
Last year was a really ropey one - after what happened with my mum, my form really spiralled.
As soon as they come on TV, you know the acting will be ropey, it's usually about a couple who fall in love against all adversity and there'll be no zombies or spectacular car crashes.
She looks exactly the same as before the wedding - ropey.
We did look a bit shaky in defence and Ehiogu's passing was ropey.
Seeing as it's just two weeks since fellow spy Helen, played by Lisa Faulkner, had her head plunged into a bubbling chip pan it's understandable our Anthony was looking a little ropey.
I was hitting the ball a lot better apart from a couple of couple of ropey shots.
This is down to the glitchriddled graphics, ropey steering and laughable crash sequences.
MYgrasp of mathematics is notoriously ropey but I reckon the Olympics will have cost each of us pounds 158.
It's a classic show and miles better than the ropey live action film version that came out a few years ago.
MY WEEK Punting high A ropey week and although there has been the odd glimmer of hope, I am looking forward to having a couple of days away from the punting when in I'm Ireland next week (Monday evening) for Barney Curley's Dafa charity Cheltenham preview night at the Salthill Hotel in Galway Punting low 1 Can't point to one standout lowlight, but let's just say there have been too many to mention Punting low 2 Not taking the early 3-1 (available this time last week, but the price crashed in the run-up to the game) about Wayne Bridge not shaking John Terry's hand at Stamford Bridge Fat Sam Don't stoop down to his level, Rafa.