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Of very poor quality; e.g., a ropey patient is in bad shape
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The music, albeit a little ropey in places, had touches of brilliance that I vaguely remember from nearly 30 years ago.
magazine wedding pics scandal and the alleged ropey facelifts to stave off a growing case of turkey-neck.
But it's a bit ropey again at the moment because I haven't got time to do my exercises.
Dame Kelly Holmes showed her athletic skills were anything but ropey yesterday as she put 20 budding Olympic runners through their paces in Birmingham.
5 Ropey rings earrings are pounds 10 from Accessorize, www.
We're still in it, though, we gave ourselves some hope because at 3-0 down it was looking a bit ropey.
Maria Calegari, with her ropey limbs and spooky eyes, danced the ballerina roles; the pas de deux, with WB's Hagop Kharatian, was electric.
Ahead of hosting Nottingham Forest tonight, Ireland stalwart O'Shea (right) admits there is 'no hiding place' after a ropey start.
Ricky Burns put on a show in his first fight on American soil last night but some ropey refereeing saw him lose out to unbeaten Texan Omar Figueroa.
The Greatest 80s Movies C5, 10pm The fashion may have been a bit ropey, but the films are, as we used to say back then, majorly bad*.
At the last count only a handful of stores cater for curvy women and sometimes their collections are a bit ropey (note to designers: larger sizes need to be cut differently, not just be bigger all over.