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Homeless, indigents and hangers-on who gather in big-city emergency rooms to be entertained by real patients, named in the tradition of sport fans who ‘root’ for a particular team
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Rooters inhabit a fantasy universe in which reality is a cuss-word.
Britain may have only one and a bit players anywhere near the required standard, but the rootiest, tootiest rooters anywhere rooted as though they believed victory would be theirs.
These rooters were so far into lunacy they were coming out the other side, as Thomas Enqvist suggested with a cruel thrashing of Tim Henman and Thomas Johansson confirmed by sticking it to Greg Rusedski.
Rooters project leader Rachael Nixon said: "We've done a lot of preparation, made the site secure with new fencing and we're hoping the site will be ready for planting in March.
ROOTERS: Project leader Rachael Nixon with pupils Liam Duke and Dean Froom Picture by IAN McINTYRE
Having a quarter of a million downloads and an average of 13-15 minutes of time spent by users on the app every day, Rooter has further expanded by including sports such as Kabaddi and F1 which enjoy popularity throughout the country.
"From its very beginning, we envisioned Rooter to be a complete sports destination for all our users who could find every sports information they needed on our app.