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Homeless, indigents and hangers-on who gather in big-city emergency rooms to be entertained by real patients, named in the tradition of sport fans who ‘root’ for a particular team
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Rooter is a concept that combines sports and social interaction-two of India's biggest passions and it has found some iconic ambassadors such as Boman Irani and Intex technologies, who, through their investments and constant encouragement have put their weight behind this platform.
GREENFINGERED: Connor Rudd, front, with his fellow members of Sid's Rooters, a group based at Redcar Community College which grows and sells its own vegetables Picture by MICHELLE MADDISON
Britain may have only one and a bit players anywhere near the required standard, but the rootiest, tootiest rooters anywhere rooted as though they believed victory would be theirs.
These rooters were so far into lunacy they were coming out the other side, as Thomas Enqvist suggested with a cruel thrashing of Tim Henman and Thomas Johansson confirmed by sticking it to Greg Rusedski.