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Sir Ronald, English physician and Nobel laureate, 1857-1932.
Ross cycle - the life cycle of the malaria parasite.
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Chapters 3 to 12 relate to Ronald Ross. The author has painstakingly brought out his lineage, early education and joining the Indian Medical Service.
It was a shipping magnate who would provide the finance for the city's pioneering research into tropical diseases, leading to the establishment of the world renowned Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, where Sir Ronald Ross made his advances into the treatment of malaria.
Based in Crown Street and a stone's throw from the Royal Liverpool Hospital, the new building is named after Sir Ronald Ross.
And legend Ronald Ross equalised with a trademark snapshot in 78 minutes.
of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson) and Ronald Ross Watson (U.
Sir Ronald Ross became the first British winner of a Nobel prize for medicine when, in 1902, he was recognised for his discovery that malaria is carried by mosquitoes9.
The man who demonstrated that malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes, Sir Ronald Ross, developed the first mathematical model of malaria transmission in 1911.
RONALD ROSS has admitted he doubted he'd ever pick up a shinty caman again.
In ideal conditions, the visitors were met with strong opposition from Scotland, and Ronald Ross's third-minute goal gave the hosts an early lead.
Both sides had used man markers on key men and it was 18 minutes before Kingussie's Ronald Ross shook off Liam MacIntyre to get an effort on goal.