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Paul H., German bacteriologist, 1876-1916. See: Römer test.
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"In Frankfort at the Romer was a great mask-ball, at the coronation festival, and in the illuminated saloon, the clanging music invited to dance, and splendidly appeared the rich toilets and charms of the ladies, and the festively costumed Princes and Knights.
The collaborative project of author Karoline Pahus Pedersen and illustrator Alejandra Barba Romer, "Bible Promises for Babies" is a bright and colorful board book for children ages 5-6 that provides an entertaining and informative first introduction to the Bible.
Chang shared his thoughts at a forum hosted by United Daily News in a conversation with the Senior vice President of the World Bank, Paul Romer. Romer, in his address, discussed how government intervention in the market inevitably leads to growth, since government can take the reins and direct market forces.
Jerome Romer, at a lecture organized by the Antiquities and Museums Department of the SCTH, claimed that the dig was the biggest yet to be launched in Saudi Arabia, and that the site was the largest yet discovered in the east of the Kingdom.
Cushman & Wakefield (NYSE:CWK) reported on Friday that Nicole Romer takes over as head of Retail Investment in Germany and joins the company as an international partner.
Judith Ann Nauman Judith Ann (Romer) Nauman joined the angels in heaven on Monday, November 19, 2018.
Romer. Photo - Henrik Montgomery/ TT News Agency/via Reuters
US economists William Nordhaus and Paul Romer on Monday shared the 2018 Nobel Economics Prize for constructing "green growth" models that show how innovation and climate policies can be integrated with economic growth.
Romer for including climate change and technological innovation in longterm economic theory and furthering research on sustainable growth.The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm has given the 50th Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences to William D.
William Nordhaus of Yale University and Paul Romer of New York University were announced winners of the 9-million-kronor ($1.01 million) prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 9 (ANI): William D Nordhaus and Paul M Romer bagged the Nobel Prize in Economic Science for addressing the need to create long-term sustainable economic growth, broadening the scope of economic analysis.